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Elegance In A Miniature Manor
Dijon, Ltd.
Warwick Miniatures
Site Map
Site Map
Caddies and Boxes
 CB01: Tea Caddy
 CB02: Biscuit Box
 CB03: Biscuit Barrel
 CB11: Rectangular Box. Hinged lid.
Circus and Clowns
 CS01: Hand Painted Clown with Bucket
 CS02: Hand Painted Clown with Umbrella
 CS03: Hand Painted Clown with Ba
Heating and Fireside
 HF01: Fireplace Set, 7-piece
 HF02: Oil Fire, '2ft 6in'
Antique Weapons
 AW01: Crossbow & Arrow
 AW02: Shield
 AW02A: Plain Shield
 AW03: Blunderbuss
 AW04: Flint-lock Pistol & Bayonet
 AW05: Flail
 AW06: Cavalry Sword
 AW07: Pair of Dueling Pistols
 AW08: Dress Sword, curved
 AW09: Bowie Knife
 AW10: Halberd
 AW11: Shield, round
 AW12: Crusader Sword & Sheath
 AW13: Crusader Sword
 AW14: Shotgun
 AW15: Shotgun 'Broken'
 MA01: Armour, Roundhead
 BD01: Dressing Table Set
 BD02: Potty, small
 BD03: Potty, large
 BD04: Men's Dressing Table Set
 BD41: Brass Bed Warming Pan
Cups, Vases and Baskets
 CV01: Flower Vase
 CV02: Cup & Cover
 CV03: Flower Basket
 CV04: Jardini?re
 CV05: Trophy 9"
 CV21: Brass Gold Plated Jardini?re
Blue China and Porcelain
 CP02: China Tea Set
 CP03: China Cup & Saucer
 CP04: China Plate
 CP05: Pair of Candlesticks
 CP06: Porcelain Ewer and Basin
 CP07: China Chamberstick
 T4260: Oak Kitchen Set
 CN01: Candlestick
 CN02: Chamberstick Set
 CN21: Candlestick
 CN22: Chamberstick
 CN23: 3-light Candelabrum
 CN24: Candelabrum, 5-light
 CN25: Chandelier, 3-light
 CN26: Wall Sconce & Snuffer
 CN61: Brass Gold Plated Candlestick
 CN62: Brass Gold Plated Candlestick with 'Extractor'
 BU01: Inkstand
 BU02: Typewriter

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