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Elegance In A Miniature Manor
Dijon, Ltd.
Warwick Miniatures
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Warwick Miniatures

Warwick Miniatures are 100% British made. Each item is cast in fine English pewter - minimum 93% pure tin and completely lead-free. Many items are painted in gloss enamel by our skilled painters. Most items, however, have the bright natural finish of polished pewter and you can paint them!
   Antique Weapons
   Blue China and Porcelain
   Caddies and Boxes
   Cats and Dogs
   Circus and Clowns
   Cups, Vases and Baskets
   Fashion Accessories
   Food Preparation and Storage
   Games and Pastimes
   Heating and Fireside
   Horses and Pon
   Household and Garden
   Houses and Shops
   Jugs, Goblets, Mugs, Tankards
   Kettles and Cookware
   Knives, Forks, Spoons, Ladles
   Laundry and Cleaning
   Mediaeval Armour
   Musical Instruments
   Pairs of Gloves
   Pairs of Shoes
   Picture Frames
   Scooters and Cycles
   Small Animals
   Statues and Ornaments
   Street Furniture
   Tea and Coffee Wares
   Transport Toys
   Wheeled Animals Toys

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